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Mule Cargo Plate Carrier

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Mule Cargo Plate Carrier

The new Mule Cargo Plate carrier is a versatile molle plate that allows you to attach a multitude of items to your campervan. You know have the option of securing genuine Maxx Tracks, Water/Fuel Cans (Rotapax), shovels and many more.

The Cargo Plate carrier come packaged with the following items;

  • Cargo Plate
  • Magnets
  • Mounting brackets (These are fixed to your roof using existing holes and 8mm rivet nuts, all bolts and Rivet nuts are supplied)

The all come supplied aircraft grade aluminum and powder coated black. Available for MAN/Crafter/Sprinter 906 & 907 and Crafter 06-17.

These can be fitted by yourself or for Mule to fit for you, £75 payable on day at our HQ in Barnsley. Please note these don't come supplied with Maxx Tracks or the Maxx Track Mounts.

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