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mule vans

Rear Door Struts opening kit

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The Mule rear door opening strut kit 

The Mule  Rear Door Struts. These door struts open the doors smoothly and keep the door open on uneven ground or in high winds. No more getting a door slamming into your back or having to hold it open on uneven ground. 

Ease of Opening: Effortlessly open your vans rear doors. The gas struts provide a smooth, gliding motion, reducing human strain.

Stay-Open Feature: Once opened, the doors stay securely in place.

Enhanced Safety: Protect your cargo and passengers from unexpected door closures.

Easy Installation: Hassle-free setup, designed to fit perfectly.


  • Kit includes pistons for both doors
  • All brackets and mounting hardware is included
  • Color: Powder Coated Black

MAN/CRAFTER VANS: Please note the longer of the two struts goes on the passenger door.